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The “Sustain Baltoro 2015” team returns

The High Altitude Sustainability and Khurpa Care Pakistan (KCP) team just returned from “Sustain Baltoro 2015”, our first joint cleanup expedition with local partners Khurpa Care Pakistan.

The team consisted of 4 managers, 2 volunteers, 35 porters and 4 support staff.

The goal of the project was the retrieval and removal of all animal carcasses from all stages (estimated weight 2500 Kg) during a 15 day expedition on Baltoro. Every camp on every stage was cleaned from Askoli to Concordia and the team retrieved a total of 76 carcasses and 4,498.00 Kgs from the glacier, almost doubling the required outcome.

Please join us in thanking our local partners Khurpa Care and the team that made it possible.

To support the beginning of season cleanup scheduled for 2016 please contact us.

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