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Updates from Baltoro

We just received an update from a friend made in Skardu after the return of the “Sustain Baltoro 2015” expedition in July. She promised to help us see if the camps still looked clean a month after we had been there on her upcoming trip to K2 base camp. The news is grim. Despite her only spotting one dead donkey on the entire trail to Concordia (HAS and Khurpa Care Pakistan removed a total of 76 bodies in June) the camps, especially Paju have already begun to show rubbish accumulating again.


“Hello, (—) here from Poland, who you met in Concordia hotel. I promised to take some pics for you of rubbish let on Baltoro.

About Baltoro and the dirt there: In general there was still clean nearly everywhere saw only one dead donkey. Paju is the worst and it is a pity, cause it could be a perfect place.

I am attaching pics., of me as well that you will not forget me so easy. kisses.”


It is necessary to continue regular cleanups to begin to change this. Please support the “Sustain Baltoro 2016” effort by becoming a member and help us continue our efforts on our largest fresh water supply.

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