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Maternal health support in climbing villages

One of the major priorities of HASP is the welfare of high altitude support staff and their families. In order to do that it is imperative to address the health of their mothers, wives and daughters.

This month we are very proud to announce the initiation of the Maternal Health Support project in 6 villages traditionally associated with High and Low Altitude portering (these 6 villages were identified by participants in the First Joint Porter Stakeholder Meeting organized by Khurpa Care Pakistan and HASP). The villages currently being supported include: 1. Hushay 2. Kanday 3. Machulu 4. Tisar 5. Satpara

6. Thaley

These villages are suffering from a severe provision gap in maternal health with 1 LHW (Lady Health Worker) often serving each Union council. Due to this a large amount of births are either unattended or supervised by untrained members of the community. Support in case of complications is limited resulting in high maternal and child mortality rates.

Through the project up to 2 women per village will be nominated by the village organisations to receive Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) training in Skardu including 1 month of classroom training and 2 months of practical training. HASP will partner with Rahnuma Family Planning Association of Pakistan as implementing partners for the TBA Training. The training will begin in March 2015.

This initiative will hopefully contribute to more support available within the villages to women as travelling to urban centers over these distances and rough roads is not a practical option. Please contact us to support training of more nominees.

Gallery: Village meetings held for the nominations, December 2015.

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