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HASP's First Official Fundraiser

High Altitude Sustainability Pakistan's first official fundraiser took place on Saturday 23rd January, at the Lyceum School Karachi. The event was held in collaboration with Lyceum's improvisational comedy troupe, LyProv. All arrangements were organized by HASP’s Lyceum Chapter, an initiative spearheaded by Lyceum students Sameer Alam and Usman Khan. Proceeds from the performance were donated to HASP's Environmental fund and will be earmarked for the "Sustain Baltoro 2016" Cleanup Expedition. The showcase performance featured 3 different improvisational comedy troupes playing Improv games. The audience was involved throughout and the evening was both successful and marked with unrestrained laughter. The troupes were coached by the talented Shehzad Ghias Shaikh, CCA Cordinator/Faculty Patron - Social Justice Society and Lytheatre at The Lyceum, Karachi.

We are extremely grateful and hope you join us in wishing LyProv the very best in the future!

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