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Second Porter Stakeholder meeting

The Second Joint porter stakeholder meeting was held in collaboration with Khurpa Care Pakistan on 10 March 2016, Skardu tourism hall.

33 of the most experienced High Altitude Porters, Guides and Cooks in the Baltistan area gathered for the “Second Porter Welfare Stakeholder Meeting” held by High Altitude Sustainability Pakistan (HASP) and Khurpa Care Pakistan (KCP) in Skardu on 10th March 2016. The group was honored to have in attendance Ali Sadpara, first Pakistani to successfully summit Nanga Parbat in the winter; Alex Txiikon first person from Spain to successfully summit Nanga Parbat in the winter and Igone Mariezkurrena, camp manager for the Nanga Parbat winter summit. Other notable stakeholders attending included Ali Raza, 30 years of experience on Broad Peak, G1 and G2; Mr. Essa Ali, Tourism Department; as well as representatives of the Gilgit-Baltistan Mountaineering School, the Central Karakorum national Park (CKNP), Pakistan National Television (PTV) and local guides and tour operators.

The participants had gathered to congratulate Ali Sadpara in wake of the successful summit and to discuss the challenges being faced by the local climbing community. On the occasion Mr. Sadpara and Mr. Txiikon shared some thoughts on porter welfare including the dire need for better wages, more advanced training and unity among the different regions and villages.

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