The Maternal Health Training Nominees arrive in Skardu

9 women nominated by the village committees of 6 villages have arrived in Skardu for a 3 month training course being conducted by the Rehnuma Family Planning Association of Pakistan. HASP is providing the funds for transport, room/board and training for the women to acquire basic Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) training.

Final participants in the TBA training include:

1. Marzia Khanum (D/o, W/o) Muhammad Ali, Hushey village.

2. Razia (D/o, W/o) Ashraf Hussain, Hushey village.

3. Chouq Bi (D/o, W/o) Ghulam Rasoul, Machulu village.

4. Zehra (D/o, W/o) Fida Hussain, Machulu village.

5. Farida Bano (D/o, W/o) Abbdu, Kanday village.

6. Rashida (D/o, W/o) Ibrahim, Kanday village.

7. Nahida (D/o, W/o) Muhammad Essa, Sadpara village.

8. Tahira Ahmed (D/o, W/o) Ahmed Chow, Tisar village.

9. Masooma Maryum (D/o, W/o) Ameer Ali, Thaley village.

TBA’s can play a vital role in reducing the MMR (Maternal Mortality rate) and IMR (infant mortality rate) and we hope to contribute to the well-being of the communities where we work through improving the knowledge at the grass-roots level to ensure better maternal and infant health support in these villages. Please check for regular updates on the training in our newsfeed.

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