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9 nominees complete 2 month theoretical portion of Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) training

In order to train the nominees from 6 climbing villages chosen for Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) training 3 months were required per participant in Skardu city. This included 2 months of classroom/theoretical training and 1 month of practical training.

The Traditional Birth Attendant training project has completed its first 2 months of theoretical training which included an introduction (concentrating on the responsibilities of a trained Birth Attendant), Anatomy Male and Female Reproductive System, Pregnancy, Antenatal Care, Safe Delivery, Complications during pregnancy, Infant Care, Postnatal care, Breast Feeding, Weaning Diet and Vaccinations.

The training was conducted by master trainer Ms. Aqleem Bano and senior LHV Bilquees Khanum and consisted of lectures, presentations, Role play, Case studies, practicals on dummies, assignments, Illustrations/Pictures as well extensive Q & A sessions. Starting 19th May 2016 the trainees will be performing duties at the DHQ Hospital Skardu labour room on rotation basis to complete the practical portion of the course.

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