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Completion of Traditional Birth Attendant course by ladies from 6 Climbing Villages

The graduation ceremony for HASP and Rehnuma Family Planning Association Pakistan's (RFPAP) Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) training took place at the RFPAP offices in Skardu today.

Over the past 3 months 9 women from 6 villages completed 3 months of TBA training in Skardu. In most isolated villages like these accessibility to health facilities and delivery services is extremely difficult due to the terrain featuring mountains, vast glaciers, rough roads and heavy snowfall in the winters. The main objective of the training was to address this provision gap and enhance the skills of local women for better maternal health care focused on high altitude areas of Baltistan.

Please join us in wishing Marzia Khanum and Razia from Hushey, Chouq Bi and Zehra from Machulu, Farida Bano and Rashida from Kanday, Nahida from Sadpara, Tahira Ahmed from Tisar and Masooma Maryum from Thaley the best of luck in provinding beter maternal health care support in thier villages.

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