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We feature in Alpinist Magazine

A heartfelt Thankyou to Alpinist Magazine for their recent profile on our CEO and work.

We as an organisation would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone part of our amazing network.From the people who support us as members without sometimes ever having had the chance to travel to the Baltoro glacier (the trek isn't for everyone) to the people like Zahid Hussian President of Khurpa Care whose advice and support we cant do without. His brother Sakhawat (also also a trainer at khurpa care) who drives us on field visits to personally to assure security, volunteering his time happily and willingly to help his region. Our program manager Ali Hussain Shigri who has a solution for every problem in this challenging environment. Everyone is volunteering their time and effort which is pretty heartening itself...everyone involved believes so much in what we are trying to do that they have become our family in Skardu. And of-course a lot is also owed to a very supportive and encouraging Board who are super stars.

Good bless you all and may we continue to do our best.

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