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“Sustain Baltoro 2016” Outcome Details

The total waste collected in 2016 by High Altitude Sustainability Pakistan and our partners Khurpa Care Pakistan is 6,697 kg, nearly 50% increase from the amount retrieved last year (the total waste collected in 2015 was 4,498 kg).

Our beginning of season cleanup expedition retrieved a total of 4,141 kg in June-July 2016. During the summer partner camp managers and porters continued to collect and pack waste to be transported down together in October 2016. The camp managers contracted during the 2016 climbing season included: Hassan Rasul, Camp Manager for Mundrong Camp Muhammad Hasan Ibrahim, Camp Manager for Payu camp M. Essa Khan Ibrahim, Camp Manager for Khuborsay Camp Ahmad Haji Jaffar, Camp Manager for Concordia Camp The Sustain Baltoro retrieval team for end of season returned on October 30th with 2,556 kg solid waste, bringing the total to 6,697 kg.

Details below:

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